Project details

The general objective of the project:

The general objective of the project is to equip the company with modern equipment of the latest generation, in order to manufacture plastic products, for the manufacture of chemically aggressive liquid storage tanks or for exhaust installations, qualitative and at the highest standards and in the context of a development sustainable, for the creation of major local and regional competitive advantages compared to the actors involved in the manufacturing of plastic products.

The specific objectives of the project:

The manufacture of plastic products to high standards by equipping the company with the latest generation of specific equipment – the purchase of an equipment for the manufacture of polyester elements reinforced with glass fiber.
Maintaining the number of 28 permanent jobs existing at the company level at the time of submitting the Financing Application, for a minimum number of 3 years from the date of completion of this project proposed for financing
As a result of the investment, a number of 7 new permanent (direct) jobs were created at the company level.
creating opportunities for economic growth. The realization of this investment contributes to the phenomenon of multiplication and that of economic training, it also contributes to the indirect creation of new jobs, especially for suppliers of raw materials and materials, creating added value for them and indirectly contributing to the increase of the gross domestic product during the investment period.
Realization of one’s own identity. By making quality products, by diversifying them, we intend to become a well-known company both locally and regionally, and for our products to be differentiated from the products offered by other companies.
improving the competitive advantages of our company in sectors with high added value. Through an appropriate product, price and promotion policy and using the best intermediary channels, we will determine the clients to choose our company in the competition that takes place on the market, both locally and regionally.
sustainable development and environmental protection. Our company has applied and is permanently applying a proactive environmental protection policy. In order to ensure the long-term existence of the company and for the development of the surrounding environment; we emphasize the role we play in protecting the environment for future generations. For this, we set the following specific objectives: carrying out environmental protection practices throughout the life of the company; compliance with all environmental protection legislation; minimizing the use of energy, water and raw materials; minimizing waste and reducing, reusing and recycling consumed resources whenever possible; reducing pollution to a minimum and treating household water; inviting clients, suppliers to participate in efforts to protect the environment; ensuring staff training as well as the resources necessary to achieve the objectives; informing those interested about ecological policy and practices; monitoring and recording the impact of actions on the environment, regularly and comparing performance with policy, objectives and goals.

The main results of the project consisted of:

the purchase of the equipment (VIROLA) for the production of prefabricated elements from polyesters reinforced with glass fibers and
creation of 7 new permanent (direct) jobs at the company level.


The tangible fixed asset purchased is the following:

Equipment for the manufacture of large glass fiber reinforced polyester elements